Lotus Notes / Domino and SharePoint Migration & Integration

Many organizations are faced with the question of whether to keep critical Lotus Notes applications, migrate to Microsoft SharePoint, or do something else with them. One of the biggest challenges to answering this question is achieving a truly experienced assessment of your existing Notes/Domino applications by a team that also understands the capabilities and limitations of SharePoint.

Migrate, integrate, or leave in Notes/Domino?

MartinScott consultants can help you formulate a strategy for assessing each critical application in your suite so you can properly determine whether you should leave it in Domino, migrate to Google Apps, SharePoint, or a 3rd party turnkey business solution. There are some Domino applications that are painfully expensive to convert to SharePoint, yet many customers don't realize this until they are underway with a big migration effort. Yet other times, a complex Notes design will migrate relatively easily to a specific SharePoint out-of-the-box template with minor customizations. In many cases, we can recommend approaches that involve judicious integration of both platforms for full functionality and a 100% SharePoint experience for the user, with minimal Domino migration effort.

What about all these automated conversion tools?

There are a handful of tools that do varying degrees of analysis, data conversion, and design conversion from Notes to SharePoint. However, they do not convert code, and they require some preliminary steps in your Notes environment to ensure the best outcome. MartinScott can help you decide which tools will best preserve your migration budget for your specific applications, and how to best utilize them.

Combined Lotus Notes and SharePoint expertise

MartinScott has been focused on Lotus Notes/Domino applications development since 1996, and is both an IBM/Lotus partner and a Microsoft Partner. MartinScott's Notes/SharePoint consultants have attended specialized SharePoint/.NET training at Microsoft's campus, designed specifically for Notes/Domino developers. Contact us to discuss your applications strategy!