UKLUG 2008

MartinScott's Jamie Magee will be presenting the following session at the UK Lotus User Group meeting in London, September 18 and 19, 2008. This major third party Lotus software conference will include hundreds of delegates from Europe and North America.

Performance engineering for Domino developers

Did your application with 100 test documents get reeeeeally slooowww in production with more documents and users? Prevent, identify, and fix the most common performance problems right in the design of your applications! Over 40 Notes and Web performance tips cover formulas, LotusScript, agents, views, forms, images, DB properties, security, CSS, JavaScript, GZip, and even a few server settings every developer should know. Learn how to trace slow performance in live applications, including an open source tool to reveal what Notes is waiting for when you see the yellow lightning bolt. Emphasis is placed on balancing performance, maintainability and functionality.