Tips on converting LotusScript to Java

Subject: Tips on converting LotusScript to Java
  • Use "null" for checking empty Notes objects, the LotusScript NOTHING constant doesn't exist.
  • LotusScript properties are Java methods. To convert for java, prefix all property names with Get or Set, and append a set of parenthesis, (Wayne added: however, property names preceded with "Is" or "Has" seem not necessarily prefixed with get or set).
eg., LotusScript db.Title becomes db.getTitle()
LotusScript acl.Uniformaccess = True becomes acl.setUniformAccess(true)
  • You can't use the "extended class syntax".
e.g., LotusScript doc.Subject = "Status Report", is Java doc.appendItemValue("Subject","Status Report").
  • Use the following technique to get the array returned from getItemValue.
vector = doc.getItemValue("Field1"); // vector is an array of objects
(String)vector.elementAt(0); // returns the first array element as a string

This has been updated to-- LotusScript: doc.GetItemValue("CustID")(0):: Java: doc.getItemValueString("CustID") - Jamie
  • What do you use for constants? Eg., ACL Level names?
  • Java is case sensitive.
e.g.,,false) <- wrong, doc.Save(true,false) <-right
True <-wrong, true <-right