Undocumented Notes Secrets

Putting AddinMenus=ntediff.dll adds an extra item to the actions menu
called Difference of 2 Documents - it does as it says...
  • Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Alt as you open a database makes all the hidden views
    visible in the view pane. You still won't see views to which you don't have access.
  • Holding down Ctrl when creating a document from the menu bypasses doc inheritance.
  • NotesDatabase.getFields(False) retrieves the list of all fields in the database
  • NotesDocument.Handle property can be passed in to an LSX
  • From the Notes Help\About Notes... splashscreen, type "release the power" to see Ray Ozzie
  • Include the following entries in your NOTES.INI file (please note this only works for Notes 4.5 or higher on WINDOWS95 ... don’t try this on OS/2!)

[or Debug_Outfile=<path to filename>]

Next time you bring up Notes you will notice new windows popping up at the bottom of the screen. These windows display the RPC calls being sent to the server. Don't close/exit the debug windows directly .... it makes Notes very unhappy (i.e. crash). Bring Notes down, comment out the parameters and bring Notes back up when you don't want to see the debug windows. You’ll get to see how your client chats with the server, and why the little lightning bolt keeps flashing at the bottom left of your Notes window. It’s quite interesting to see just how much traffic there is. Here is an example of what you might see. (this is the traffic from opening a large / complex database)

(145-5768) OPEN_DB: 28 ms. [126+210=336]
(146-5768) OPEN_NOTE: 193 ms. [28+64536=64564]
(147-5769) OPEN_COLLECTION: RCV_UNREAD[263] 97 ms. [120+26556=26676]
(148-5769) SET_COLLATION: 21 ms. [14+12=26]
(149-5769) OPEN_NOTE: 83 ms. [28+18178=18206]
(150-5770) GET_SPECIAL_NOTE_ID: 22 ms. [16+16=32]
(158-5771) DB_MODIFIED_TIME: 24 ms. [14+44=58]
(159-5771) OPEN_COLLECTION: 39 ms. [32+34=66]
(160-5771) FIND_BY_KEY: 23 ms. [538+38=576]
(161-5771) READ_ENTRIES: 53 ms. [50+238=288]
(162-5771) OPEN_DB: 21 ms. [126+210=336]
(163-5771) DB_MODIFIED_TIME: 53 ms. [14+44=58]
(164-5772) OPEN_COLLECTION: 34 ms. [32+34=66]

(Sequential Number), RPC_NAME, time to complete, [bytes_sent+bytes_received=total]