WirelessMail for Domino is the easiest and most affordable way to receive and reply to your Lotus Notes email from any mobile device. WirelessMail is a powerful and configurable mail forwarding agent that relays the emails you want, when you want, to your mobile device.

Already have a cell phone, pager, BlackBerry, Palm, PocketPC, SideKick, iPhone or other wireless device capable of receiving internet addressed emails? Download a FREE 30 day full evaluation copy of WirelessMail right now, and in 5 minutes you'll be receiving your email wirelessly. In most cases, you don't even need to involve your IT department because you can install it yourself with one click.


  • Advanced filtering logic with configurable rules allows filtering based on sender, subject and body phrases, priority, importance, and addressee list.
  • Customizable smart junk mail filter prevents spam from being forwarded to your wireless device.
  • Preserves and relays the sender's address so you can reply from your wireless device (if supported by your device).
  • Configurable scheduling forwards email according to your schedule away from your PC, for example only on evenings, weekends, and during your lunch hour.
  • Configurable abbreviations and character translations in addition to Domino server's word abbreviation dictionary.
  • Clips critical body text such as stock quotes and airline saver fares, strips out text such as mail headers and corporate footers.
  • Optionally splits long messages into multiple smaller wireless messages so that you can read text beyond the length limits of your wireless device and service.
  • Forwards any or all Notes mail document types: internal and external (internet) emails, Invitations, To Do's, Phone Messages.
  • Optionally marks forwarded messages in Notes with an antenna icon so you know which messages you've already received on your wireless device.
  • Optionally sends a forward confirmation to the original sender depending on whether a return receipt was requested.

New 4.x Features*

  • Administrative features
  • Compatible with Domino Server 6.5
  • Centralized installation, configuration, and reporting application (coming in 4.2)
  • Complete web user interface for iNotes and web mail users who do not have Lotus Notes Client
  • Improved statistics logging for reconciling with wireless data service bills between any two dates

Wireless features

  • Support for complete address list so wireless device can see and reply to all recipients
  • Remote control commands can be emailed to your Notes mailbox to query mail and calendar, adjust settings, lookup addresses, etc., from your wireless device
  • Forward to multiple devices in parallel, each with different scheduling, optimization, and attachment rules

Filtering features

  • File attachment forwarding rules based on attachment type and size
  • Spam actions (flag the subject line and/or move to a designated folder)
  • Optionally permit forwarding from any addresses to which you have sent email in the past
  • Forward email only if user does not have Notes mailbox open **
  • Improved spam filtering, body phrase filtering on MIME-encoded messages

* Most new 4.x features require that the person enabling the agent have permission to run restricted LotusScript agents on your mail server. Otherwise, a version of the 3.x functionality is installed. ** Requires pasting some code into your database postopen and queryclose events. This code is available from MartinScott.com, but may require assistance from your Domino administrator.

Easy to install

  • Install it yourself with one click and no corporate IT involvement.
  • Installs into your Notes mail box -- no separate software!
  • No server, Directory or firewall port changes.
  • Does not require LotusScript agent execution priveledges.
  • No server tasks -- runs as an agent in your mail file.
  • Can be installed to a mail template for automatic installation to all mailboxes.
  • Runs on any operating system that supports Lotus Domino server

Cost effective

  • One-time price of only $59 per user.
  • Volume discounts for unlimited users on a mail server or in an organization further lower the per user cost.
  • A customer's purchase history can be applied toward future server and organization licenses.
  • Works with your existing wireless device, so you don't need to upgrade to an expensive proprietary device.
  • WirelessMail allows you to forward Notes email to a RIM BlackBerry pager using the BlackBerry Internet EditionTM service. WirelessMail is an ultra low cost alternative to the more expensive BlackBerry Enterprise ServerTM and its associated additional costs and requirements. Compare WirelessMail to BlackBerry Enterprise ServerTM.


  • Works with virtually any pager, cell phone, or PDA, including BlackBerryTM and PalmTM devices.
  • Configuration settings can be adjusted while connected to your Domino mail server, or while working on local replica of your mail box when travelling or disconnected.
  • Can also be used to forward your Notes mail to any other email account (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.) for access away from work.


  • Uses no network bandwidth when polling for email messages.
  • Implemented using native Domino LotusScript code. Optional formula language "lite" implementation can be installed for even lower resource requirements.

Don't just read about it! Download a FREE 30-day full Evaluation copy right now!

Seamless Integration with Lotus Notes

WirelessMail installs right into your existing Notes Mail database with a single click! All you have to enter is your mobile device's email address.


Configure WirelessMail to send email messages to your mobile device according to your scheduled time away from your computer or for when you want to receive messages.

Advanced Filtering and Text Clipping

Forward all messages, those from particular persons or domains, or those containing certain subject keywords. Any message marked as High Priority or High Importance in Notes can be forwarded regardless of filtering rules. Customized rules let you filter messages and clip critical text such as airline saver fares and stock quotes according to several criteria.

Spam Filter

A smart spam filter detects and excludes mail that is likely to be junk mail. You can add your own entries to block forwarding by sender, subject, or body phrases. Optionally, WirelessMail will mark likely spam in the subject line, and/or move it to another folder.

Text Optimization

Since many cell phones only receive from 110 to 500 characters of a message, WirelessMail optimizes the amount of information transmitted. It can even split up a large email message into up to 9 smaller messages, providing the capability to forward hundreds of words of information to the most limited cell phones. The Optimization tab shows a simulation of the various options for reducing the size of the text while preserving the significant elements of the data.