Quick Start: Send and Receive Lotus Notes Email on a Hiptop/Sidekick

The Danger Hiptop (sold as T-Mobile Sidekick in the US) is an ideal all-in-one communications device. One of the best and most innovative keyboards in the industry combined with full featured email and instant messaging make this a perfect mobile messaging solution for staying in touch on the go. You can send and receive email from anywhere using the handheld's email address. But how do you link it to your corporate Lotus Notes email so new email in Notes also shows up in your handheld inbox? You want people to think you're receiving and sending emails from Notes when you're really on the Hiptop. The Hiptop "push" email address works perfectly with MartinScott WirelessMail, including support for file attachments and sending emails that appear to come from Notes and even show up in your Notes Sent folder.


  • Hiptop (aka Sidekick, Sidekick Color, or Sidekick 2) handheld with service plan
  • Lotus Notes/Domino email account
  • Lotus Notes 5.x or later version

1) Install WirelessMail (Without a license key, WirelessMail will work as a free 30 day trial. With a license key, it works permanently. Please contact Support with any problems or questions). When prompted for your 'Destination email' address, enter the email address of your Hiptop (for T-Mobile customers, this is usually your username @tmail.com). Once you've entered your Hiptop email address, click . Installation may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the network speed. If you are using a local replica of your Notes mail, replicate your mail to cause the WirelessMail components to work on your server mail box.

Newly received Notes emails should now display on your Hiptop! Below are the steps to take advantage of advanced Hiptop features to make WirelessMail more useful.

Make emails sent from the Hiptop appear to come from Lotus Notes

2) In your Sidekick Email, choose Menu \ Settings \ Accounts. Optionally enter a signature to automatically appear at the end of all messages sent from the Hiptop. You probably want to match the text you use in your Lotus Notes emails.

3) Click the button next to your primary Hiptop email address. Enter your name in the 'From Name' field (e.g., Bridget Fielding). Enter your Lotus Notes internet email address (e.g., bridget@example.com) in the 'From Address' field. This will cause emails sent from the Hiptop to appear to come from your Lotus Notes internet address. Your Hiptop email address will not be displayed in emails, and when people respond to your emails sent from the Hiptop, they will reply back to your Lotus Notes address.

Make emails sent from the Hiptop show up in the Sent folder in Notes

4) Check the box 'Copy Outgoing Messages' and choose BCC. Enter your Lotus Notes internet email address in the field to the right of the BCC. This will cause the Hiptop to send a copy of all outgoing messages back to Notes.

5) From your Notes inbox choose Actions\WirelessMail\Configuration... to open the WirelessMail Configuration screen. If you just installed WirelessMail, and you don't see this option, restart Lotus Notes.

6) Select your Hiptop address in the list, and click the "Edit Address Profile..." button. For the "Device 'From' address", enter your Notes internet email address the exact same way that you entered it above in Step 3, using exact upper and lower case spelling. Click OK to close the box.

7) On the 'Email Types' tab, check the box 'Copies are sent back to Lotus Notes - place them in the "Sent" folder.' Then click the 'Save Changes & Exit' button.

Emails sent from the Hiptop will now appear to come from your Notes internet address. Within a few minutes, emails sent from the Hiptop will also appear in your Sent folder in Lotus Notes, as if you had sent them from Notes. This way you have a permanent record in Lotus Notes of everything you send from the Hiptop.