The Agent Log gives the following error: "User" cannot open database OR Database has not been opened yet.

Verify the number of files on your mail server and update the Advance Tab In Notes, from the File menu, choose Database - Open on the Server drop-down, select your mail server, click Open in the filename field, type, click Open

This will open your server's outgoing mail box. Once the file is open, choose File - Database - Properties. Make a note of the actual filename. It could be, or,, etc...

You can now close the file and open your mail file (on the server)

Open the WirelesMail Configuration page (choose Actions - WirelessMail - Configuration) Click the Advanced Tab Click the 'Change' button next to the field 'Number of files on server'

If the filename found above was, enter the number 1 in this field. If the filename found above was,, etc..., enter the number 2 in this field.

Click OK. Make sure the status at the top of the page is listed as 'Sending Enabled' Save and close the page.