WirelessMail is enabled, but email is not being forwarded automatically

WirelessMail is enabled, and you see the antenna icons appearing next to emails that should have been relayed to your handheld, but no emails are received on the handheld.

  1. From within your Notes mail, choose Actions\WirelessMail\Configuration. On the Advanced tab click the Troubleshooting button.
    • If there is a problem indicated that you cannot remedy, please email the results of the Troubleshooting output to Support@MartinScott.com along with a description of any particular symptoms.
    • If NO problems are indicated, then please continue below.

  2. From within your Notes mail, choose Actions\WirelessMail\Configuration and then "Edit Address Profile...". Click the "Send a test message..."
    • If a test message is NOT received at the destination address within a few minutes, then double check both your device and the spelling of your destination address. Something is probably wrong with your forwarding address or handheld device. You can confirm this by determining if it works to a different destination address, such as your home email. Please pursue the appropriate support avenues for the email address and/or handheld data service you are using.
    • If a test message IS received, then there are two known situations that can prevent WirelessMail messages from getting to your destination address, detailed below in steps #3 and #4.
  3. Your server might be using a different mail.box file than what is specified in WirelessMail settings. This can happen if the number of mail.box files was increased by the administrator at some point in the past, but the old mail.box file was not removed. Please see this support document for a quick test and a way to update your WirelessMail configuration settings to point to the correct mail.box. If that does not solve the problem, then it is likely step 4.

  4. The server's router restrictions may be too strict. In some cases -- but not all -- this means that internal messages from coworkers will forward to the device, but not those from external internet addresses. Choose File\Database\Open, select your mail server for the Server and enter names.nsf for the Filename and click Open. Then on the left, choose the view Configuration\Servers\Configurations and then double click on the configuration document for your mail server (Vienna01 in the illustration below).

    Choose the following tabs: Router/SMTP \ Restrictions and Controls \ SMTP Inbound Controls. If it looks different than the settings in the screen below, you may need to request that your server administrator modify these settings. The settings illustrated below are sufficient to prevent relayed spam while still allowing your mail server to send email to your wireless device. However, these settings are confusing and easy to set incorrectly.

  5. If your server administrator will not make such configuration changes, then a way to work around this problem -- but with some limitations -- is in this support doc.