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    INTRODUCING the MartinScott Team.... Becky Lomangino

    Franziska Tanner  July 27 2009 10:08:10 AM
    Image:INTRODUCING the MartinScott Team.... Becky Lomangino1. What do you do for a living? How long have you been doing it? And what's the most rewarding part about your job?
    I have been a Lotus Notes developer for 15 years.  At my first job out of college, I was tasked to support the roll-out of Lotus Notes R3 to my business unit.  I've been working with Notes (and later Domino) ever since.  I think of my job has solving a puzzle (and I like puzzles of all kinds: crossword, jigsaw, sudoko) and I most enjoy the a-ha moment of making something work.  I really enjoy when a client comes to me with a pie in the sky idea and I am challenged to make it happen.  

    2. What has your experience with social media such as blogs, LinkedIn and twitter been like?
    I have yet to twitter or follow any twitters, but I do enjoy Facebook tremendously and I have a skype account.  

    3. What's the biggest misconception about what you do and/or the technology you work with?
    In my experience, it is difficult to explain Notes and Domino to nontechnical people.  There is no easy comparison to other products. It's more than mail, it's more than document storage, it's more than a database.  There is so much potential, yet no easy explanation

    4. If your fairy godmother visited you and offered to grant you any wish, what would it be? (this can be anything, including non-technology related)
    A few extra hours in the day.  My life is very full of family, friends, work, housework, and more. An extra hour or 2 would go a long way.

    5. What's one piece of advice you would share with someone just getting started in your field or technology?
    While you don't have to love your job every day, or every week, finding something that gets you excited is the secret to happiness in your job.  Your work is a large part of your everyday life, so it needs to be more than a paycheck.
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