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Haven’t you Heard!?!

Franziska Tanner  August 13 2009 08:42:05 PM
In case you missed them, here a couple of IBM announcements we thought you'd want to know about.

First off is the end of support statement IBM issues earlier this week for Notes/Domino and LEI 7.0.x.  You can read all about it here and rest assured that if you're still on 7.x, you're not alone. We still have a surprising amount of clients on 6.x even but have recently seen an upswing in migrations to Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5......

(queue next segment music)

......which brings us to our next topic - DAOS!  The Domino Attachment and Object Service is new to 8.5 and allows you to save a significant amount of disk space by gathering duplicates of all shared attachments across separate databases, on the same server. Basically, you can think of this as a file collector service running on the server, so you don't have to store 834 copies of that slideshow that was sent out last Christmas.  
DAOS leaves you with NLO type files, which are the collected attachments and DAOS does require transaction logging for all this to work. Now the way you back up DAOS data, or NLO files, is also a bit different from NSF based files. Read all about it here and as always, if you have any specific questions on these link or any other IBM announcement, feel free to shoot us a note, Tweet, call or skype us!

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