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    Come see us at UKLUG (and bring a blanket)

    Franziska Tanner  September 2 2009 08:07:43 AM
    If you happen to be in Edinburgh (that's in Scotland where it's cold, I'm told) October 8th and 9th, do stop by UKLUG to see MartinScott Consulting Speed Sponsoring and present the following, awesome sessions:

    50 Ways to Make Your Domino Apps Faster
    Speaker: Jamie Magee and Francie Tanner
    Prevent, identify, and fix the most common performance problems in Domino applications!  This updated and fast-moving session covers over 50 Notes and Web performance tips including formulas, LotusScript, agents, views, forms, images, DB properties, security, CSS, JavaScript, GZip, caching, and server settings every developer should know. Learn how to trace slow performance in existing applications, including an open source tool to reveal what Notes is waiting for when you see the yellow lightning symbol. Emphasis is placed on balancing performance, maintainability and functionality.

    Free Tools every Admin and Developer Should Know
    Speaker: Francie Tanner
    Come find out about the most useful FREE tools all administrators and developers need in their IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environments. Dive into the benefits and limitations of tools that help you analyze data, work with code, stay connected, deal with visual design and manage clients. Walk away with a list of FREE tools that complement and enhance your Lotus Notes and Domino environment. Also, did we mention they're FREE?  

    Obedience training for Developers
    Speakers: Jamie Magee and Eileen Fitzgerald
    Admins learn to control your developers via ITIL Release Management processes to ensure that you deliver applications into production that meet business requirements in a timely and efficient manner. It may also reduce friction between your admins and developers and reduce the body count when developers want to introduce something into production.  

    See you there?

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