Can't I just create a mail agent in my mail database myself instead of using WirelessMail?

Yes, you can. But there are several limitations. Here are the top reasons:

  • Most signficantly, the sender of mail forwarded by a Notes agent will be either yourself or the server, not the sender of the original email. So you can't tell who sent the original email until you open it, and you cannot reply to the message from your wireless device without re-entering it manually. On the other hand, WirelessMail retains the original sender's email address as the apparent sender of the wireless message, so you can easily a) see the sender's name when looking at your wireless inbox and b) reply directly from your wireless device if it supports two-way paging.
  • Mail header information from a forwarded agent will typically take up the first couple of screens of message text on your wireless device. WirelessMail strips out redundant punctuation, text lines, and other header information.
  • Several additional advantages of WirelessMail over an agent are in the response to "How is WirelessMail better than using an R6 Mail Rule..."

WirelessMail also includes several other features that are not readily available in simple Notes agents without writing a lot of code. For example, you can send yourself an email from your wireless device to remotely control your settings, query your calendar between any two dates, do a full text search of your full mail file, look up any email address, add or remove a forwarding address, turn scheduling on and off, etc.