How Does it Work?

WirelessMail for Notes is a set of Notes forms and agents that are installed to your existing Notes mail database. Included are a Configuration form for controlling how, when, and what emails are forwarded to your wireless device (or another email destination).

A person in company XYZ sends an email to you (A). The WirelessMail relay agent on your Domino mail box compares the email against the rules you have set in your WirelessMail Configuration settings (B). Depending on the rule applicable to the email, WirelessMail either ignores the email or forwards a copy of the email to the address of your wireless device, optionally applying text clipping and optimization processing (C). This forwarded copy is received by your wireless service provider and sent over your data network to your wireless device, appearing to have been sent by the original sender. From the wireless device, replies to this message will be addressed to the original sender, and are routed directly to the original sender's email address (D). Optionally, you can copy yourself on this message if you want to retain a copy of your sent messages in your Domino mail box. If you are using a RIM pager or other wireless device with address masking, the recipient will receive your message as if it had been sent from your Domino mail box. The next time you check your Domino email at your office, emails that were forwarded by WirelessMail will appear with an antenna icon next to them so you know which ones you've already received on your wireless device.