How do I uninstall?

1) Uninstall the WirelessMail components in your mailfile. The best way to remove these is to use the Uninstall button in the installation application (#2 below). If you do not have the installation program or can't find it, download it from this site. Or, if you have Domino Designer and you want to manually uninstall WirelessMail, simply delete the forms and agents that begin with "WirelessMail".

2) Optionally, delete the installation application in your Lotus Notes data folder. This is a file called WirelessMail42.nsf (or WirelessMail41.nsf, WirelessMail4.nsf) You can delete this from your file system or by selecting the WirelessMail icon in your Notes workspace and then choosing File\Database\Delete.

There is nothing in the registry related to WirelessMail, so there is nothing to uninstall at the operating system level.