Does WirelessMail work with Lotus Notes Pager Gateway or Blackberry Enterprise Server?

Yes. For Lotus Pager Gateway integration, enter your pager number and pager gateway foreign domain name (1234567@Pagergateway) in the 'Wireless Email Address(es)' field on the WirelessMail configuration document. You will find WirelessMail gives you additional configuration and rule-based filtering control beyond that which is offered by the Lotus Pager Gateway.

You can also use it with the Blackberry Enterprise Server for Domino or for Exchange. For each user, you'll have to set up another mailbox for Blackberry to poll. WirelessMail will forward from the primary Notes mailbox to the internal address of the Blackberry monitored mailbox for each user. This way you will have combined the configurability of WirelessMail with the encryption security and wireless calendar sync of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Generally, however, WirelessMail is a low cost alternative to the Blackberry Enterprise Server for email functions.