Error message: "Notes error: You are not authorized to perform that operation", when installing WirelessMail

This error occurs when you do not have access to add LotusScript agents to your mail file.

  1. Select your mail file and choose File \ Database \ Access Control.
  2. Highlight your name and look at the options on the right side.
  3. If "Create LotusScript/Java agents" is not selected, you cannot install the FULL version of WirelessMail
  4. You can ask your Notes Administrator to grant this access or ask your Notes Administrator to install WirelessMail for you

  5. Alternatively, you can run the Lite version of WirelessMail. Please reinstall WirelessMail and use the Advanced button to choose "Lite" mode. The main difference is that the Lite version does not display the entire recipient list on your handheld, so you can not see or reply to all others on the email. Other differences include more limited filtering rules and no remote control features.