When I click Enable Sending, I receive an error "You do not have execution access privileges for agent "WirelessMail | TextForwarding". WirelessMail will not run

To run the Full version of WirelessMail, you need rights to run LotusScript agents on your server. Or you can run the Lite version (see below).

To run the full version of WirelessMail, your server administrator will need to update the mail server document to give you this privelege. As a mail user, you probably won't have access to change this, but you can use the instructions below to see how it is already set in order to confirm if anyone at your organization does have this access.

  1. Open the mail server Address Book (names.nsf) and find the Server documents view:
    in Notes 5.x > Choose Server - Servers
    in Notes 6.x/7.x/8.x > Choose Configuration - Server - All Server Documents

  2. Open the server document for the mail server and click the security tab. Find the field labeled "Run restricted LotusScript/Java agents:"

The user's name or a group including the user should be added to this field (or to the "Run Unrestricted LotusScript/Java agents"). Or the user can be added to an existing group that is in one of these fields. If you change the server document, the server must be restarted for such changes to take effect.

Alternatively, you can run the Lite version of WirelessMail. Please reinstall WirelessMail and use the Advanced button to choose "Lite" mode. The main difference is that the Lite version does not display the entire recipient list on your handheld, so you can not see or reply to all others on the email. Other differences include more limited filtering rules and no remote control features.