I receive most messages, but not ones with attachments or embedded objects

There is a known bug in Domino Server 6.0x that was fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.4 (technote 11148441, SPR MGAN5TEQF8). This has also been reported with Domino 8.01. It often surfaces when a server is upgraded. Some emails with attachments or embedded objects are not marked with the antenna icon and not forwarded to the wireless device. There are several workarounds for 6.x versions before 6.0.5 and 6.5.4, and for 8.01. Any one of the following should work:

  • From your Inbox, choose View\Agents, open the "WirelessMail | Text Forwarding" agent, and change 'When should this agent run' to 'After new mail has arrived' instead of the default 'Before new mail arrives'. This will result in a slight delay of a few minutes before messages are forwarded. Additionally, give this new setting an hour or so to activate.

  • - OR -
  • From the 'Edit address profle' button on the WirelessMail Configuration form, go to the Attachments tab, and set WirelessMail to not forward any attachments

  • - OR -
  • (for server administrators only) On the server's mail.box database (or mail1.box, mail2.box, etc., if using multiple mail.box files) on your server, uncheck the Advanced database property 'Use LZ1 compression', and recompact the database.

  • Note: If this option does not stay unchecked when you switch database properties tabs, then change the database "Type" to "Standard". This way, you will be able to change the LZ1 compression. Don't forget to recompact the database.