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You know you just got back from Lotusphere....

Franziska Tanner  January 26 2010 11:32:44 AM
... when even days later your feet feel like you ran a marathon.
... when you reach for your badge holder in the morning so they will let you into breakfast.
... when you are so inspired to upgrade, enhance or otherwise change your environment, you put in change control request for things you haven't even planned out yet.
... when you've spoken to dozens of people for hours a day but still ran out of time to talk to everyone you wanted to.
... when you live in 80 degree temperatures but still bring a jacket to your home office, in case the air conditioning is "like at Lotusphere" and set to "stupid cold".
... when you think back on the major business and personal relationships in your life and realize that you met most of them at previous Lotusphere®'s.

Got any others?

Thank you all for coming to see us at our sessions, our booth and everywhere in between. Both Jamie and my session slides will be posted tomorrow!